Web Stories for WordPress

CVE History

CVEPublishedCVSS v2CVSS v3
CVE-2023-19796.5 MEDIUMN/A
The Web Stories for WordPress plugin supports the WordPress built-in functionality of protecting content with a password. The content is then only accessible to website visitors after entering the password. In WordPress, users with the "Author" role can create stories, but don't have the ability to edit password protected stories. The vulnerability allowed users with said role to bypass this permission check when trying to duplicate the protected story in the plugin's own dashboard, giving them access to the seemingly protected content. We recommend upgrading to version 1.32 or beyond commit  ad49781c2a35c5c92ef704d4b621ab4e5cb77d68 https://github.com/GoogleForCreators/web-stories-wp/commit/ad49781c2a35c5c92ef704d4b621ab4e5cb77d68
CVE-2022-37088.1 HIGHN/A
The Web Stories plugin for WordPress is vulnerable to Server-Side Request Forgery in versions up to, and including 1.24.0 due to insufficient validation of URLs supplied via the 'url' parameter found via the /v1/hotlink/proxy REST API Endpoint. This makes it possible for authenticated users to make web requests to arbitrary locations originating from the web application and can be used to query and modify information from internal services.