Tailscale is a zero config VPN for building secure networks. Install on any device in minutes. Remote access from any network or physical location. Built on WireGuard®. WireGuard is a registered trademark of Jason A. Donenfeld.

Release History

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Version Date Stability
1.38.2 Mar 22, 2023 stable
Manage and report incompatible endpoint software.
1.38.1 Mar 16, 2023 stable
Add a notification upon node key expiration (only on macOS 10.14 and later).
1.36.2 Feb 23, 2023 stable
Improve detection of default interface, and don't be an exit node while using an exit node.
1.36.1 Feb 10, 2023 stable
Fixed: Potential infinite loop when node key expires Fixed: Handle starting the app before network interfaces are ready
1.36.0 Jan 25, 2023 stable
Tailscale actions (connect, disconnect, switch profile, use exit node) are available in the Shortcuts app.
1.34.2 Jan 6, 2023 stable
Fix UI glitch occurring with macOS 10.14 and 10.13.
1.34.1 Dec 14, 2022 stable
Fix an issue which could fail to save the key for tailscale serve. Fix an issue which could crash when interfaces change.
1.34.0 Dec 5, 2022 stable
Fast User Switching between tailnets.
1.32.3 Nov 22, 2022 stable
Addresses information disclosure issue: https://github.com/tailscale/tailscale/security/advisories/GHSA-qccm-wmcq-pwr6
1.32.2 Oct 30, 2022 stable
Fix potential crash in processing interfaces, and improve exit node throughput.
1.32.1 Oct 24, 2022 stable
Fix condition which can result in high CPU consumptionand fix taildrop failures when sending many files at once.
1.32.0 Oct 13, 2022 stable
Added NextDNS support.
1.30.2 Sep 23, 2022 stable
Fix IPv6-mapped-IPv4 addresses in STUN responses.
1.30.1 Sep 12, 2022 stable
Fix running as an exit node.
1.30.0 Aug 31, 2022 stable
Fixes in DNS handling with upstream resolvers.
1.28.0 Jul 19, 2022 stable
Resolve many causes of "Network Changed Error" on busy tailnets.
1.26.2 Jul 7, 2022 stable
Many fixes for SSH support.
1.26.1 Jun 20, 2022 stable
Bugfix in core library.
1.26.0 Jun 10, 2022 stable
Make MagicDNS more robust.
1.24.2 Apr 29, 2022 stable
Fix issues where the new control plane protocol could fail to make a connection to our servers.
1.24.0 Apr 26, 2022 stable
Improve netstack performance via better GC tuning. MagicDNS: PTR records for TS service IPs.
1.22.1 Mar 11, 2022 stable
Reduce latency in setting up relayed connection. Fix repeated reauthentication notification.
1.22.0 Mar 2, 2022 stable
Reduce latency in setting up relayed connection.
1.20.4 Feb 15, 2022 stable
Fix DNS failures when macOS is used as an exit node.
1.20.2 Jan 29, 2022 stable
Resolve memory footprint growth when used as an exit node.
1.20.1 Jan 19, 2022 stable
When using an exit node, route DNS queries through the exit node for resolution. Send heartbeats less often, to not wake the radio so much. Fix a potential deadlock in handling the DERPmap.
1.18.2 Dec 17, 2021 stable
Make exit node selection take effect (almost) immediately. Permit protocols other than TCP+UDP if ACL allows.
1.18.0 Nov 22, 2021 stable
Improve portmapping discovery to support more Wi-Fi routers. Retry transient DNS errors before returning failure.
1.16.2 Nov 3, 2021 stable
Fix UPnP support for certain Wi-Fi routers.
1.16.1 Oct 20, 2021 stable
Fixed packet looping issue which could result in high CPU consumption. Resolves a connectivity issue which could in rare circumstances prevent two nodes from being able to communicate.
1.16.0 Oct 13, 2021 stable
Turn the radio on less often to improve battery performance.
1.14.6 Oct 7, 2021 stable
Fix issue where packets could loop, improve CPU performance. Ignore unrelated interfaces coming and going, improve battery performance.
1.14.4 Sep 26, 2021 stable
Improved portmapping helps Tailscale create more direct connections.
1.12.3 Aug 5, 2021 stable
Improve UPnP port discovery.
1.12.1 Jul 31, 2021 stable
MagicDNS now uses DNS-over-HTTPS when querying popular upstream resolvers, so DNS queries aren't sent in the clear over the Internet. Portmapper now supports UPnP mappings as another way to traverse NAT. Fix a bug where local state changes are not persisted.
1.10.1 Jul 6, 2021 stable
Bug fixes, in particular a rare connectivity bug.
1.10.0 Jun 25, 2021 stable
Bug fixes and performance improvements. Fixes the use of DNS servers with Tailscale IP addresses.
1.8.7 Jun 17, 2021 stable
Bug fixes and performance improvements
1.8.5 May 25, 2021 stable
Bug fixes and performance improvements.
1.8.1 May 8, 2021 stable
There are two hard problems in computing: caching and naming things. We are working on both in this release, with better DNS support.
1.6.0 Mar 18, 2021 stable
IPv6 and Exit Node support.
1.4.5 Feb 24, 2021 stable
Fixes a bug connecting to devices that have refreshed their login.